Celebrating climate land leadership in 2023

We have much to report about our year! The land stewards in the Climate Land Leaders Initiative built soil health, increased biodiversity and protected water so that ecosystems and communities will thrive in a rapidly changing climate.

In 2023:

New Climate Land Leader Rozina Kanchwala (IL)

Climate Land Leaders Meg and Glenn Nielsen (MN) planting trees in a new CRP windbreak

Cohort members talking vegetable farming with Climate Land Leader Dan Guenthner (left) at Common Harvest Farm (WI)

Climate Land Leader Naima Dhore (MN) hosting MN House Agriculture Committee Chair Rep. Samantha Vang

Climate Land Leader Matt Vermeersch (IA) transitioned 10 acres to permanent pasture

We will accomplish much more in 2024. We will:

  • Recruit 75+ new Climate Land Leaders
  • Offer 35 peer learning opportunities
  • Find funding for landowners’ conservation work
  • Amplify their stories of transforming agriculture and restoring lands
  • Sustain them as we work through climate grief and celebrate the diversity and resilience of our world

We are grateful as we reflect on the year behind us and the work ahead. We approach this work with great urgency. As farmers continue working through unprecedented extreme weather events and as greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture continue to rise, we embrace this moment as a turning point.

See you in 2024 as we continue to activate more landowners and farmers as Climate Land Leaders – leaders who will make bold changes on their lands and influence their neighbors, communities and elected officials along the way.