Climate-friendly Agriculture

Food, agriculture and land use are the sources of 24% of our greenhouse gases, according to Project Drawdown. Climate-friendly agriculture reduces sources of greenhouse gas emissions and draws down carbon into soil and perennial plants. To truly transform our food and farm systems for the climate, landowners should adopt goals as illustrated on the Sharing Our Roots Farm.

Antonio Alba and the Sharing Our Roots staff work to make the Sharing Our Roots Farm a community resource.

Josie Trople and her husband, Aldo Cristofaro-Hark of Cannon Valley Graziers, graze their sheep on the Sharing Our Roots Farm.

The Sharing Our Roots Farm in 2016 and after its transformation to a regenerative system.

Build Healthy Soils

  • Sharing Our Roots Farm is restoring soils degraded through conventional row cropping.
  • The goal? Build carbon, organic matter and biological activity in the soil.
  • Healthy soils draw down carbon and hold rainfall where it falls.

Work Toward Equity and Healthy Diets

  • Sharing Our Roots Farm grows a variety of vegetables for local markets and provides land for the community to grow culturally valuable foods.
  • A plant-rich diet is a top solution for addressing climate change.
  • Climate change is disproportionately affecting communities of color and is a major contributor to our worldwide refugee crisis and migration patterns.

Grow Perennials

  • Sharing Our Roots Farm has 10,000 shrubs and trees of various species, including hazelnut and elderberry.
  • Perennial agriculture reduces greenhouse gas emissions and draws down carbon.

Graze Animals

  • Sheep, cows and chickens are raised on the farm.
  • Grazing animals, with their manure and hoof action, increase life in the soil and may result in a net greenhouse gas reduction.

Restore Natural Areas and Hydrology

  • Sharing Our Roots Farm is restoring wetlands and the water’s natural flow and maintaining buffers along waterways.
  • This restoration draws down carbon, restores water quality and increases biodiversity.