Climate and Equity

Climate Land Leaders, who are overwhelmingly White, recognize that they are privileged to own farmland. Through speakers, readings and discussion, they are learning about the sordid history surrounding land ownership and the treatment of Black, Indigenous and People of Color. Climate Land Leaders are exploring the legacy they want to leave behind and taking action — now — to address the inequities around us.

Photo by Ruth Rabinowitz

“Inequities in land ownership and asset accumulation are real. Listen to what People of Color have to say about this and follow their lead when we can. And then take action by giving opportunities for land access and sharing the wealth. Contemplate: What is enough to pass on to the next generation, and can we share our wealth with others?”

—Carol Bouska, MN

Climate Land Leader Paula Westmoreland is exploring how to use her land inheritance to benefit regenerative farmers who are Black Indigenous and People of Color.